Vimal Hardat

Vimal Hardat

Vimal is the main person behind Global Choice Immigrations. He came to Canada as a student in 1999 to complete a double major in Mathematics and Computing Science at the University of Alberta. Read More


Mansab Gill

Mansab Gill is originally from Punjab, India. He came to Canada as an international student and pursued a master's degree in business and leadership. Read More

Aarefa Faridoon Shahryar

A highly qualified and experienced teacher, Aarefa Faridoon shahryar has taught English and Professional Communication at Rizvi College of Engineering, Mumbai for 19 years. Read More

Kaushalya Karunaratne

Kaushalya Karunaratne is a lawyer from Sri Lanka with a passion for business and leadership. She is currently pursuing an MBA degree at University Canada West, where she is expanding her knowledge and skills in the field of business administration. Read More