There are several books and resources available to help you prepare for the CELPIP test. Here are some of the recommended ones:

1. "The CELPIP Study Guide" by Paragon Testing Enterprises: This is an official guidebook that provides test takers with comprehensive information about the test format, scoring, and strategies for each section.

2. "Official CELPIP Practice Materials" by Paragon Testing Enterprises: This book contains practice tests that mimic the real test format, with detailed explanations of answers and scoring.

3. "CELPIP Writing Study Guide" by Sam Pealing: This guidebook focuses specifically on the writing section of the test, providing tips and strategies for how to approach each question type.

4. "The Complete CELPIP Guide" by ELIT Language Centre: This book covers all sections of the test and includes practice exercises and sample responses.

5. "Ready for IELTS, CELPIP, and TOEFL" by Sam J. Patel: While this book is not specific to the CELPIP test, it provides practice exercises and tips for improving your English language skills that can be useful for preparing for the test.

It's important to note that while books can be helpful resources, they should not be the only source of preparation. It's also recommended to practice with real CELPIP practice tests and seek feedback from qualified teachers or tutors to improve your skills.